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Circle Lens


I commented before that I was looking to brighten my eye as my goal and along the way I started liking some green and still dabbling with the idea of light hazel…  Well these Greens are on hell of a fun set of lenses. They are a great complement to blue eyes. The limbol ring on these are the key to their charm. They have such a great etched/hashed design. These work as a passable natural lens. They are enlarging but just slightly they are fantastic for not just blue eyes but for guys as well. A great man’s lens… Comfort for me with these is a perfect 10. I did have to change the solution a couple of times before they were 100% sting free. I change the solution every time I wear my lenses. This is a good habit to keep up with, that and cleaning them each time will give you way more time with a good pair of lenses.

These do not shift on me at all and blend well with my eye color. They even would look great on brown and dark eyes… I feel these can work on anyone… My only complaint is that this is the only color I can find them in… I would like to see these in a super light grey.

I ordered these from, I am a fan of these and give them a great review for a colored lens… these do not lighten my eyes; they darken them so the only area that they have no score is in lightening. But I do wear these to dinner and out places.



Color:  Green
Dia: 14.5 mm
Base: 8.6
Water: 38%

Available  @:



EOS ICE 2-tone & Cotton J211Grey

It’s all about the Limbal Ring this week. I wanted to talk about some Circle Lenses that are not natural looking but way fun. Let’s start with the EOS ICE 2-tone Grey. These have a fantastic Limbal ring hugging my Iris. 

Very cool look. The grey of the lens is undetectable on my eye color. I am thinking of getting this lens in green to see if it would add color naturally and with it’s already having a limbal ring with a more natural effect than most circle lenses this would fit well in my natural collection. But currently, I ware these to just have the limbal effect. Great for: Public speaking events, speeches, when you get a photo taken, dinner with friends or clients.  The ring fits my iris fantastically. I wore both of these contacts to dinners and they looked great with black and dark grey shirts on.


EOS ICE 2-tone
Diameter: 14.8mm
BC: 8.8
Water: 38%
Great Ring, I am getting these in green for sure!



Cotton J211Grey on the other hand is more on the circle lens fun night out with friend’s pair of lenses.

They give a fantastic ring on grey in the Iris. I wore these with a black shirt and they made my eyes pop in a subtle but yet strong way, People can’t put their finger on it, but there is defiantly something different. They are strictly a nighttime dimer light contact choice. They have a harsher pupil, but the color works well with my eyes.

Color: Grey
Diameter: 14 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%

Great with dark clothes at night for dinners and events. Have fun with these.


Great site I like to use for circle lenses.

Available  @:

Use Coupon Code: Eyerimz for 15% off

EOS WM-101 Bubble Grey

In this video I am showing how these lenses work for my eye color.

These are a very happy surprise for me, I at first thought I accidentally ordered a second pair of lenses I already had that were a bit too dark for my eyes, but turns out they have the same name bur different designer.  I also ordered them from 2 different sites, these lenses are called EOS WM-101 Bubble Grey, and I purchased them from

I am very happy with these lenses:

These are like a much cheaper version of the Solotica Ice, These really work well with blue eyes. These are not just a lighter contact but they don’t slip or move on me like my Queen Solitaires, they  move and shift… not cool when in a conversation.

They work well with my eye color and I can wear theses during the day out to the gym, the store, just about anywhere I want to go and have that light eyes affect that I have spent so much money on with other brands, up to $100 on 1 pair, these were $20 and now I have a coupon code that they gave me to share with my subscribers… 15% discount code: Eyerimz (  )

The site was great for my search I ended up getting 3 pair on my first visit. This is my first pair I wanted to review. But in the video I forgot to mention a very important aspect of the site that for me was really a plus, you can search not only by color and brand but also by size… I like a 14.2 to  14.5 so this was great for me.

I also want to say that just because they are circle lenses they do not have to give you a Dolly eye effect, there are many lenses out there that can give you a very natural effect, and you just have to know what you’re looking for.  I hope that I have taught you something about this so far.  Always remember the blended pupil opening, and the limba ring should not be too pronounced.

The info on the lenses:

Color: Grey
Diameter: 14.8mm
BC: 8.6-8.8
Water: 38%

Great site I like to use for circle lenses.


Purge Baby Purge

My collection has gotten too large and I feel that most of my contacts will expire before I can really use them. I have about 15 more circle lens reviews to do, not to mention my new European and South American Lenses I have coming in.

So I have a dark eyed associate that I offered to give them to. (To be honest he was the person that put the idea of color lenses into my head, and he did not even know it.) I did wear all of them, but because they did not fit my eye color very well… I never wore them out or for any extended period of time. Most were for less than 1 hour. See image below to see a great example of a contact I cant wear anywhere. But throw these on a dark eyes individual and you have a great set of blue eyes.


Here is my first batch of donated lenses:

Freshlooks Colorblends Tourquoise: These tend to clash with my own eye color and darken my eyes. I am looking to brighten. They are very comfortable and deserve to be worn.

EyeKandy – 2 Tone Blue: The Blue clashed with my eye. I have a hard time with blue lenses,. Again these are extremely comfortable and were on the pricy side. These are annuals so not a bad deal.

Calaviews Grey and Hazel: These are an OK pair of lenses they did tend to move around a bit on me.

Lucky Clover Grey Circle Lenses: I have 2 pair of these and they tend to bother my eyes.  They do nothing much other than add a sparkle effect to my eyes. I need more drama than that to keep them.

VASSEN CRYSTAL JAPAN SERIES BLUE CONTACT LENS: This is another example how a blue color contact does not work with my eyes. There is something about my shade of blue clashing with other blues. The pupil home on these are huge and give a odd fish eye , literally a blue outer iris then a lighter blue iris, then the pupil.

I hope he gets more use out of these that I would have. I actually feel bad that I cant wear these. They are perfectly fine , they are doing what they are supposed to do, I just don’t like the look on my eye color.

Out with the old and in with the new. If only I could have gotten some of the expensive contacts that didn’t work on some other reviewers to see if they look good on me!



This is one of the  latest circle lens collection and its 4 tone design that gives you a chance to enjoy new textures and effects. I was happy to  discover the new Dueba Summer Doll Fairy 4 Tone Series Gray circle lenses.

These were defiantly designed for Dark eyes, they darken my eyes , but the Pupil Hole was really well blended for an Opaque lens. They feel so go on, one of the most comfortable pairs I own.

Thanks to the addition of the 4 tone color in the Dueba Summer Doll Fairy 4 Tone series contact lenses your eyes have a very gem like look in darker light. very interesting , especially when your own eye color is showing through…

Dueba Summer Doll Fairy 4 Tone series gray contacts

  • Diameter 14.5 mm
  • Water content 38-42%
  • Base curve 8.6
  • 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
  • Packaged in sterile buffered saline
  • FDA and EU approved contact lenses
  • Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified


Collection Demo 1

Some hits and misses from a beginners collection. I wanted to show a range of my contacts and show the comparisons. You can check each lens type and style for the exact review.


Is it right for light eyes?

The kiss of death for me when it comes to color contacts:

The Pupil opening size and if it’s a fade or a hard edge. With my eyes this can make or break the illusion. The deference between Passable and Bad fake

There are some things that happen with light eyes and color contacts. This is a big  issue to be concerned about when buying. When your natural color and the  lens color start contrasting.

The contact just looks like a sticker on the eyeball, unless this is your intention, This is not a good look. But I see videos and photos of Dark eyes with these lenses and they look fantastic.

Big Mistake for my Eye color, But if you have dark eyes these look awesome.
Big Mistake for my Eye color, But if you have dark eyes these look awesome.

The hard edge make it even more important that the pupil hole is just right. If its too large you get that a fake,  fish eye, cartoon look. If its too small you get that wired zombie look, yea that’s hot. You will see this with the more expensive hand painted Lenses, they run for about $500 to $600 a pair…and they are just yearly’s.  But the pupil never changes, its a total give away. I am a big fan of a well blended pupil hole. But these people are artists… I would love to design color contacts.

My goal is either totally natural, with a sparkle in my eyes, or fake for style (but not cartoon). There is another thing that happens with us lighter eyed collectors, the light of our color breaks the pupil illusion. With dark eyes , the dark color at first glance or from a normal distance just looks like the rest of the pupil its all dark… With the light eyes you get a fish eye effect even making our eyes look like a bubble or dome See below…

This is an issue with Light Eyes collectors all over the world.

Now lets talk about the blended opening and how they can work so well to solve this issue.  When the opening and even the limba ring are blended you get a total Different more natural effect. This has got to work with your color. So for example I am trying to lighten my eyes with a grey , either worm or a cool gray witch I am starting to pay more attention to. So here is a pair that are the same side as Exhibit  A, but they blend the pupil.

These have a hard lighter pupil opening, in person these are really great effect.

These happen to be one of my favorite pairs, they are the Lucky Clover’s in Grey, they just a that little bit a of twinkle to my eyes. They use a gold center ring and your natural color shows through the rest.

Here are the hard edged lenes that will not work on my eye color… and why:

These are Fantastic on Dark Eyes… I highly recommend them for your Dark Eyes!

The First thing you will notice is the hard edge on the pupil whole, secondly they are opaque, so with the big hole and hard color change they just look like a sticker put on my eye. On dark eyes these shine like jewels, they are some of the best color contacts out there for dark eyes, you are very lucky to add these to your collection. I had to go back and figure out what would work best for me from the Asian Market, by far the widest selection of Color Contacts and the craziest styles to boot.  There is nothing more a collector like myself like that a selection. I spent hrs puring over how I thought they would fit and look, colors , combinations, circles , rings, all these new styles to play with… Fantastic. I felt a bit conceded thinking that much about my appearance… but hey you only live once right.

But now I realize I have moved slower and ordered a little at a time, But this place had such great deals and the more you bought the less they cost… I was hooked. Now lets find the replacements… funny I still haven’t even gotten my order and I am returning 5 pair…  But I am just exchanging, I would rather do that than be stuck with lenses I cant use and I cant legally sell them either.  So Exchange away!

I dredged through there site, comparing and contrasting the pupil hole , the ring, the size of the contact… some can be up to 16, I like around 14.2. The opacity, the design, the photos online of people wearing them… and again almost no Blue eyed examples.

This makes shopping for color contacts unpredictable. Sometimes a cheesy looking pattern online, turns out to work fantastically on your eye.  I really like to shop at, They have a huge selection and they have deals. I spent hrs on their site shopping.

    (I am a big fan of the grey and think trying the blue may be a good gamble. The grey slightly lightened but added a great sparkle effect to the eye. )
  •  GEO BELLA BS-203 GREEN NATURAL COLORED CIRCLE CONTACT LENS WITHOUT DARK RING (They look like they would be a good circle lens for the stage or out at night.)
  •  GEO NUDY SERIES GOLDEN BLUE CONTACT LENS WITHOUT DARK RING, PURE NATURAL BLUE AND GOLDEN HUE BLEND (Interesting pattern looks like it my be an interesting blend effect.)Worm Blue

    Yellow Ring



Costumer Service and Returns

Time to “Navigate” the return policies with the contacts companies…

So I am ordering color Lenses form companies all over the internet. I just put an order in for 15 different styles. I have not received it yet, but I already know that I will not be able to wear some of these. I would rather send them back and get other contacts that I can actually review.

I sent them a communication and their policy is to return the unopened products back to them within 7 days of receiving the package. I do not want a refund; I would like to get other styles to review.

Let’s see how this turn out. I hope they see that I am a good future customer and I will be able to give them some good photos of their contacts on light “Caucasian” eyes

dscn0673I don’t want to end up owning a bunch of lenses that make my eyes look like this. I am afraid half og the contacts I have high hopes for will end up looking like this.




I was amazed how these won me over. At first they looked odd to me, the white lines threw me off, and they looked like contact lenses with lines on top of them. But when I wore them they added a sparkle to my eye… not the typical reflection that a contact would give, it’s the added colors and the white that makes my eye look like it shimmers and has depth. I also have to admit it grayed out my eye. I don’t know how, there isn’t much color to the lens.  The comfort of this lens started off odd: It felt like it was on inside out, but after checking it was correct, there was some initial time getting used to it. These give my eyes a very cool feel. There is defiantly a sparkle to my eyes. I have a new favorite to wear out and about.

Up close there is nothing natural about these, but you have to be less that 12 inches away from my eyes to see it.


Thanks to the addition of the 4 tone color in the Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray contacts lenses these cosmetic accessories will make your eyes look more seductive and sexy than before, and these contacts are also perfect for those who want a real natural effect.

You will love the smooth color and design of Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Series which perfectly blends with all natural eye colors to show a new amazing color in your eyes.

Our shop offers you an opportunity to get wonderful gray 4 tone colored contacts for an affordable price and show an amazing gray color in your eyes with the Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray Contacts Lenses.

Show the smooth gray color of Lucky Clover Cocoro Contacts into your eyes now and you will always be adored by everybody anywhere you go.


  • Diameter 15.0 mm
  • Water content 55%
  • Base curve 8.6
  • 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
  • Packaged in sterile buffered saline
  • FDA and EU approved contact lenses
  • Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
  • Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes



They are listed as an “excellent natural blue contact lens without dark ring for the most beautiful eyes.”

I have to say everything about these contacts reads fake on me… The color is unnatural on my eye the size of the color ring is awkward. This would work fantastically on a very dark eye. it would give the opening a wide pupil feel. very dolly eyed.

VASSEN CRYSTAL JAPAN SERIES Blue contact lens is not recommended for light eyes…

I have to say I had “High Expectations” for this style. with the sales pitch of how natural in color it was and the way it blended into the center..

“JAPAN SERIES Blue contact lens is an excellent natural color contact lens to choose for your beautiful eyes.You will look pretty in a natural way with these blue lenses, evenwithout cosmetics, and at most you will just need a light make up to look outstanding. This Vassen series are designed to mimic human eyes and to blend perfectly with the natural color of your eyes as well.”

Its just way to fake blue and big for my eye. There are no occasions that I could wear this contact lens to…I cant pull this one off.

VASSEN contact lenses are soft and made by “sandwich” printing method which is very safe as the color is placed inside the lens without any contact with your eyes. Also the complete process used to make these lenses focus on human respect and quality, so you can trust these lenses that are the safest for your eyes and among the favorite throughout Asia.

I have to admit they are comfortable, not issues there. I am thinking if you have supper dark eyes this may work for you , but on light eyes its a no go… I have a pair of the greens on their way as well, I should have waited to review these before ordering other colors of this style.


  • Diameter 15.0 mm
  • Water content 55%
  • Base curve 8.6
  • 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
  • Packaged in sterile buffered saline
  • FDA and EU approved contact lenses
  • Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
  • Perfect for dark colored eyes ONLY