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Eye Enhancers

In the beginning of my collecting, I noticed most of the contacts here in the US are mostly just an enhancing color contact. By that I mean they are not out to totally change your eye color, the goal is to add color or to enhance the color you have. I think the reasoning for this is the idea that the US has a large population of light eyed light skinned people. The Caucasians  don’t need to much of an opaque contact to change their color. So enhancing the eye was to goal.

This explains brands like Freshlook  Colorblends , Dimensions and even the Color (Opaques) series. all the major brands have versions of these, and they work fine for a passable basic enhancement.  I am very happy with my Freshlooks as a color contact for everyday wear to just give a little pop to my natural eye color. Being a caucasian male, they suit me fine. If your looking to just ad a sparkle to the eye…  enhancement is the key, and these would do the trick.

They don’t have harsh pipil opening, or limba rings or any actual designs most of these have a dot matrix that allows your natural color to be seen with the enhancement color laying on top. If you get the wrong color for you…they can look like a sticker sitting on the cornea, so try to match a natural looking color to your eyes, and skin tone.

They all have a brighter color in the center as a blending border for the pupil. Like a star burst type of effect, very subtle…  This can work for or against you. I like the color, but notice it does give the side view a bit of a fish eue issue… that is where you can see the natural color of the eye from an angle and the pupil is also cut off a little, throwing off the natural look of the eye.

I have ordered other contacts as enhancers to either lighten or brighten or just color my eyes. I found these and was intrigued. I have not received my order as of yet, But they were purchased as an enhancer and feel right for an example of contacts that enhance.

Enhancers and the price: The price is on the low side from $15 to $50 depending on where you guy. if you go to the Eye Doctor or order from the US its on the expensive end , but if you go to sites like and you can get them for as little as $10 if you haggle or buy more than one pair.

3 Responses to Eye Enhancers

  • Laurie says:

    you have no idea how much you have helped me. Thank you so much.,

  • Aylin says:

    I have blue eyes too, and I am in the same situation with you. I bought Solotica topazios nc. They are beautiful but too opaque and lack of transparency make them less natural in my eyes, since they are lack of depth too.
    I tried Freshlook dimensions pacific blue, they just darkened my eyes. I also tried Dueba barbie tony silver after your review, but they are dull grey and too big for my iris, nothing natural. Now I am planning to buy Adore bi tone aqua or grey, not decided yet. If you have already tried, please review. Also I was planned to buy Soleko queen pearl, but I like the limbal ring, and I don’t like too much opaqueness, so I have doubts about them.

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